What are Your Burning Questions?

We want to be as helpful as we possibly can, so that’s why we’re asking YOU to ask your burning questions. Every 3 months we’ll schedule a call-in meeting that covers one big topic, a phone-in forum, if you will. Please leave your vote below and we’ll tally up what needs to be said. Each [...]

Superstar Working Moms Confess–IT’S NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS!

It’s sad to us how often we meet a mompreneur feeling inadequate and overwhelmed. Especially when you’re a new mom, it’s very common to feel like the jokes on you. You think, “How do they all make it look so easy? I can hardly find the time shave my legs?!” Images of [...]

How to Swim With the Sharks

Yep, it’s true the Sharks are back on ABC this Fall! As entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, inventors, small biz owners, or otherwise genius idea generating machines, we all just can’t stop watching and learning and dreaming. Although, we are not at a place in our business where the show would work for us, we do know some [...]