The MIBU Conference – What’s in it For You?

Moms in Business Unite is the leading professional conference offering women inspiration and education to ignite entrepreneurial dreams and propel them forward. We are proud to sponsor this effort to reach women who need coaching, consulting, and courage! Julie will be speaking in Denver on Sept 12, 2011 and in Detroit on October 19, [...]

The Little Pink Book

This daily inspiration is delivered straight to your email. It’s for working women who want tips on a wide range of topics like effective communication, personal finances and the latest trends in fashion. We especially like this post on happiness “Come On Get Happy!“, because looking for that silver lining on those tough days definitely [...]

You are already doing it!

Welcome to our new blog where we are determined to convince you that YES MOMS, YOU CAN RUN A BUSINESS in fact, YOU ARE ALREADY DOING IT!!!  In our 3 years of running Boogie Wipes,  we have discoverd something amazing – being a Mom is bootcamp for running a business.  It is no coincidence that the number of successful mompreneurs is growing by [...]