Mamas Have Mad MacGyver Skills!

We can make an emergency diaper out of a burp cloth and button or fix our teenagers cell phone with a toothpick! When it comes to the kids and what makes them tick, we dig in and find the resources to keep everyone smiling. You can use these same skills when you’re getting ready for your [...]

The Little Pink Book

This daily inspiration is delivered straight to your email. It’s for working women who want tips on a wide range of topics like effective communication, personal finances and the latest trends in fashion. We especially like this post on happiness “Come On Get Happy!“, because looking for that silver lining on those tough days definitely [...]

Rise to the Top Interview

Check out our latest Skype interview with the host of Rise to the Top, a blog about building your business “Smarter, Faster and Cheaper”. Thanks for having us on David, we shared some good laughs with you!
David has interviewed some genius gurus with lots of great tips and inspiration. Click here to browse his site [...]